Section Speech Report - 8AA
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Creative Expression
1Ethan Larson Moorhead H.S. Wheel of Species
2James Rende Willmar H.S. Mother Knows Best
3Tate Horan Moorhead H.S. Where Did My Childhood Go?
1Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw Moorhead H.S.
2Grace Roeder St. Cloud Tech H.S.
3Iris Ming Moorhead H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Greta Homuth
Olivia Dahlberg
Moorhead H.S. Freaky Friday by Heather Hach and Leslie Dixon
2CeCe Bedore
Jack Nichol
Moorhead H.S. 21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda
3Heidi Danielson
Bryce Paulson
Sauk Rapids-Rice H.S. The Emerald Circle by Max Bush
Extemporaneous Reading
1Kaylin Patrick Moorhead H.S.
2Seema Mustafa Moorhead H.S.
3Ella Roggeman St. Cloud Tech H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Meryl Tigenoah Brainerd H.S.
2Amy Frenzel Bemidji H.S.
3Jackson Poetz St. Cloud Tech H.S.
Great Speeches
1Martan Gregoire Moorhead H.S. The Hope Speech by Harvey Milk
2Beth Stein Moorhead H.S. Response to Rep. Ted Yoho by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
3Macy Larson Moorhead H.S. Remarks on the Paycheck Fairness Act by Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Humorous Interpretation
1Maret Holm Moorhead H.S. Stand By Me by Raynold Gideon and Bruce Evans
2Anika Drees Moorhead H.S. A League of Their Own by Lowell Ganz
3Leif Carlson Moorhead H.S. Malcolm in the Middle by Linwood Bloomer
Informative Speaking
1Ingrid Rygg Moorhead H.S. Dead Girl Walking
2Greta Cole Moorhead H.S. Did You Hear What I Am Not Saying?
3Asli Abdi Willmar H.S. The Girl Who Yells A Lot
Original Oratory
1Grace Halvorson Moorhead H.S. Watering the Giving Tree
2India Carlson Moorhead H.S. Misgiving
3Maya Weiler Moorhead H.S. See US: Indigenous Invisibility
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Harrison Timm Moorhead H.S. Video Essay by Ryan Cross
2Stella Mehlhoff Moorhead H.S. Accidentally Brave by Maddie Corman
3Lily Kjos Moorhead H.S. Queen Ester by Michele Lowe
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Olivia Larson Moorhead H.S. The Standards I am Held To: a poetry program
2Amelia Bailly Moorhead H.S. Pretty: a poetry program
3Emma Ahlin Little Falls H.S. In Front of the Class,” “Underdog”, and “Hips for the Hop” a poetry program from Learn then Burn. by Bonafide Rojas, Ben Butter, and Dan Sully
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Colin Welna Moorhead H.S. The Junkie and the Monk by Mike DeStafano
2Rachel Lanning Willmar H.S. Man of Steel by Joseph Conway
3Jordan Jensen Moorhead H.S. A Phone Call by Auburn Sandstrom
1Lillie Poetz St. Cloud Tech H.S.
2Makenzie Stockwell Moorhead H.S.
3Leah Donnelly St. Cloud Tech H.S.