Section Speech Report - 7AA
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Creative Expression
1Drake Goebel Cambridge-Isanti H.S. Life of a Lego Minifigure
2Piper Bagley Duluth East H.S. Booking a Hotel
3Merlyn Zortman Cambridge-Isanti H.S. The Immortalized Pansy
1Leila Hoeschen Ehrbright Duluth East H.S.
2Ainsley Doom Cambridge-Isanti H.S.
3Abdi Abdullahi Elk River H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Cameron Bleess
Logan Bartelt
Cambridge-Isanti H.S. Everyone's Gonna Die by Clyde Hendrickson
2Logan Schwinghamer
Derrick Robley
Zimmerman H.S. Sorry, Dude... I'm Trying to Go Vegan, So I'm Gonna Have to Eat You by Bradley Walton
3Audrey Johnson
Corbin Giroux
Hibbing H.S. Den of Iniquity by Patrick Gabridge
Extemporaneous Reading
1Ellie Norvitch Rock Ridge H.S.
2Clara Anderson Elk River H.S.
3Libby Kubicka Elk River H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Peyton Anderson Princeton H.S.
2Kathryn Anderson Chisago Lakes H.S.
3Brandon Montag Cambridge-Isanti H.S.
Great Speeches
1Elyana Hewitt Hermantown H.S. Simone Veil's Speech Before the French National Assembly on the Legalization of Abortion by Simone Veil
2Sema Asan Elk River H.S. Address to the Nation on the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger by Ronald Reagan
3Chaney Evans Chisago Lakes H.S. Freedom or Death by Emmeline Pankhurst
Humorous Interpretation
1Izzy Lampi Hermantown H.S. The Merchandise King by Clyde Hendrickson
2Ellie Gruber Princeton H.S. How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying by Jonathan Rand
3Andrew Jaques Cambridge-Isanti H.S. The Disappointing Son by Clyde Hendrickson
Informative Speaking
1Ana Patullo Elk River H.S. Exploring the Valley
2Tessa Boche Elk River H.S. What Goes Around Comes Around
3Kylee Slettom Chisago Lakes H.S. Coffee, Tea, and All Things Caffeine
Original Oratory
1Ola Okoro Duluth East H.S. Sticks and Stones
2Audrey Horner Elk River H.S. Glitters and Gold
3Finley Mortenson Elk River H.S. Confessions of a Basic White Girl
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Phatee Yang St. Francis H.S. Living in Color by Andrew Messer and Jake Nyberg
2Reagan Kern Duluth Denfeld H.S. Lombard by Michael Druxman
3Mia Patronas Duluth East H.S. The Bear by Christopher Storer and Joanna Calo
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Callie Bremer Cambridge-Isanti H.S. Suicide Notes by Steven Willis, Patrick Roche, and Rudy Francisco
2Rosie Charlebois Cambridge-Isanti H.S. Me Too by Andrea Gibson and Pages Matam
3Caitlin Cox Hermantown H.S. A Long Goodbye, Parkinsons Poems, Fading Away, Hospice, I Let You Go, I Miss You Grandma, Supermarket Flowers by Midelle Williams, Jane E. White, Ruth M. Regan, Andrew Bell, Caroline Johnson, Anonymous, Ed Sheeran
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Molly McNamee Duluth East H.S. Hannah's Gift by Maria Housden
2Jaelyn Wright Rock Ridge H.S. Daddy's Girl by Charlotte Vale Allen
3Natylee Anderson Duluth Denfeld H.S. Silent Screams by Ashton Marks
1Jenna Anderson Cambridge-Isanti H.S.
2Helen Pust North Branch H.S.
3Alyssa Voight Princeton H.S.