Section Speech Report - 7A
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Creative Expression
1Gavia Yount International Falls H.S. Non-Existant
2Quinn FierkeLepp South Ridge H.S. Captive
3Lydia Kowarsch Cherry H.S. Meet My Insanity
1Eli Boe Rock Ridge*
2Jessalyn Schroetter Cherry H.S.
3Abbie Sundich Rock Ridge*
Duo Interpretation
1Rylan Poppenhagen
Layne Kaufenberg
Northeast Range H.S. First Person Shooter by Don Zolidis
International Falls H.S. Assault Toast by Bradley Walton
3Daisy Borden
Dani Logan
Rock Ridge* Dani Girl by Chris Diamond and Michael Kooman
Extemporaneous Reading
1Kirsten Rothenberger Rock Ridge*
2Paris FierkeLepp South Ridge H.S.
3Daniella Majwega Marshall School, Duluth
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Azalea Ray Rock Ridge*
2Luke Moeller Marshall School, Duluth
3Laura Holmstrom Ely H.S.
Great Speeches
1Amara Carey Rock Ridge* AOC's House Floor Speech (in response to Rep Yoho) by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
2Logan Meskill Northeast Range H.S. John F. Kennedyís Civil Rights Address by John F. Kennedy
3Charlene Kowarsch Cherry H.S. Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou
Humorous Interpretation
1Mason Jokimaki McGregor H.S. Pee Pipe by Sandra Dempsey
2Jake Bradach Rock Ridge* The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber
3Cordell Vogel Ogilvie H.S. Resusci-Annie by Paul Feig
Informative Speaking
1Sydney Kowarsch Cherry H.S. Welcome to the World of Fandom
2Icelynn Haines Ogilvie H.S. Open World Video Games
3Morgan Kreswell McGregor H.S. Hidden Figures
Original Oratory
1Anna Oehlerking Marshall School, Duluth Motivated Reasoning
2Zachary Quirk Chisholm H.S. Why We Should Have Controversial Talks
3Jasmyn Martin-Lenzen Chisholm H.S. Tuition Prices: A Growing Problem
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Hannah Hoche Cherry H.S. girl. (from the section titled: Things You Canít Tell Just By Looking at Her) by Megan Mostyn-Brown
2Sophie Statsman Rock Ridge* Always, Patsy Cline by Ted Swindley
3Andrew Haataja Bigfork H.S. Bitter Disappointments by Bradley Walton
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Noah Jacobson Mille Lacs* Walking on Glass by Alma Fullerton
2Rebecca Muster Rock Ridge* It's Fine, I'm Fie, Everything's Fine by Rudy Francisco, Jae Nichelle, Zeina El-Hoss, Melissa Newman-Evans, Rupi Kaur, Patrick Roche
3Dylan Celley Rock Ridge* Walking on Glass by Alma Fullerton
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Ellie Norvitch Rock Ridge* Going Grapefruit by Ian Richards
2Amara Lampton Northeast Range H.S. Finding Laura Buggs by Stanley Gordon West
3Jaelyn Wright Rock Ridge* Plain Girl Versus the Demon by Amy Pohler
1Owen Erickson South Ridge H.S.
2Bailey Kowarsch Cherry H.S.
3Dylan Cardinal Rush City H.S.