Section Speech Report - 6A
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Creative Expression
1AJ Nienow Staples Motley H.S. The Mulligan
2Joshua Cushing Staples Motley H.S. Emoticlones
3Cam Zinda Pequot Lakes H.S. Deep Dark Down Deep Down
1Reid Starzl Perham H.S.
2Lil Corbett Pequot Lakes H.S.
3Mason Hoyt Underwood H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Adrianna Eckel
Alexander Stormoen
Browerville H.S. Boy Meets Girl (A Young Love Story) by Sam Wolfson
2Faith Kalina
Tessa Starzl
Perham H.S. Dumb and Dumber by Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, Bennett Yellin
3Jorja Weishalla
Zach Baumgartner
Bertha-Hewitt H.S. Wiley and the Hairy Man by Suzan Zeder, Harry Pickens
Extemporaneous Reading
1Sarah Bakken Bertha-Hewitt H.S.
2Walker Johnson Staples Motley H.S.
3Gavin Brown Bertha-Hewitt H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Kaily Burgau Underwood H.S.
2Ryan Fritz Pequot Lakes H.S.
3McKenna Geones Underwood H.S.
Great Speeches
1Brynn Bestland Staples Motley H.S. The Misogyny Speech by Julia Gillard
2Isabelle Langager Parkers Prairie H.S. "Education First" by Malala Yousafazi
3Sandra Cordes Alexandria Community Christian School The Seashell Sermon by John Piper
Humorous Interpretation
1Laken Hines Staples Motley H.S. Screaming Timmy Must Die by Steve Dubois
2Maria Stumbo-Ruiz Pillager H.S. Gee! A Play about a High School Glee Club Without any of that Annoying Singing by Dean O'Carroll
3Samuel Asmus Browerville H.S. Soccer Moms (and a Dad) by Clint Wooderson
Informative Speaking
1Olivia Opheim Staples Motley H.S. Artificial Intelligence
2Aili Anderson United North Central* Prenatal Trauma
3Abigail Couchey Browerville H.S. Good Vibrations
Original Oratory
1Reese Hunt Perham H.S. Don't Be Yourself
2Madeleine Hoag Pequot Lakes H.S. I'm With the Banned
3Lilian Wood Pillager H.S. Swift Time
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Jayme O'Brien Parkers Prairie H.S. Things You Should Know About Flying by Kennon Dell and Christopher Scarpo
2Hannah Shircliff Parkers Prairie H.S. The Care and Feeding of Baby Birds by Anne Wuehler
3Teo Lecoustre Perham H.S. American Psycho by Mary Harron, Guinevere Turner, Brett Easton Ellis
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Roman Guajardo Perham H.S. What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth by Kendrick Lamar
2Dessa Huber Pequot Lakes H.S. Sprouting Wings; a Poetry Program by Various Authors
3Asia Hillukka United North Central* Every Forty Five Seconds by Various Authors
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Cade Strege Henning H.S. A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer
2Samantha McMahon Pequot Lakes H.S. Paris: the Memoir by Paris Hilton
3Lexi Ann Staples Motley H.S. Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich
1Josh Kalina Perham H.S.
2Gavin Marxer Browerville H.S.
3Lily Fiedler Perham H.S.