Section Speech Report - 4AA
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Creative Expression
1Maitreya Reeder St. Anthony Village H.S. You Are Going to Die
2Faith Wilhelmy Stillwater Area H.S. Phone do What?
3Emilyn Troup Stillwater Area H.S. Couples Therapy
1Amaija Carlson Roseville Area H.S.
2Andrea Perez Irondale H.S.
3Nadyne Sattar Mounds View H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Greta Selbitschka
Zita Meyer
Stillwater Area H.S. The Sins of Warsaw by Iga Wójcik
2Maya Hamilton
Logan Dam
Roseville Area H.S. Because I Wanted to Say by Sean O'Donnell
3Rylee Van Houten
Thomas Cass
Stillwater Area H.S. ANNEXED by Sharon Dogar
Extemporaneous Reading
1Elle Hinds Centennial H.S.
2Natalie Jansen Irondale H.S.
3Gabby Haake Mounds View H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Boyana Nikolova Irondale H.S.
2Sophia Amundgaard Stillwater Area H.S.
3Soren Peterson Stillwater Area H.S.
Great Speeches
1Belle Lapos Stillwater Area H.S. Friend of yours? by Megan Hunt
2Rohini Chatwani Centennial H.S. The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
3Catriona Formby Stillwater Area H.S. War is Racket by Smedley Butler
Humorous Interpretation
1Liam Callahan Fridley H.S. Death by Scrabble by Charlie Fish
2Riley Eckman Centennial H.S. Firebringer by Team Starkid
3Olivia Hartmann Centennial H.S. Pacey Packer Unicorn Tracker by J.C. Phillips
Informative Speaking
1John Corbett Stillwater Area H.S. Forever and Ever
2Josie Johnson St. Anthony Village H.S. Advice from Rich Uncle Pennybags: An Intro to Investing in Crypto Currency
3Sarah Fentaw Stillwater Area H.S. Prom
Original Oratory
1Berit Rosenstiel St. Anthony Village H.S. AntiSemitism is Lois Lame
2Reesa Venterea Irondale H.S. Barbie Bliss
3Ronorey Kin Buyuccan Irondale H.S. The Rules of the Blame Game
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Sanyu Mwassa White Bear Lake Area H.S. Miss Evers' Boys by Walter Bernstein
2Daphne Kleinschmit Columbia Heights H.S. Prima Facie by Suzie Miller
3Sandy Moncayo Columbia Heights H.S. Rising Sun by Elise Sharron
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Praise Oyekunle White Bear Lake Area H.S. Forget Me Not: A Poetry Progam by Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Sally A. Mortemore, A.H. Mehr
2Sophia Perius Spring Lake Park H.S. Life in Pink by Olivia Gatwood
3Amera Husein Fridley H.S. Good Bye Mom... I Love You: A Poetry Program by Various Authors
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Mariam Elias Danjuma White Bear Lake Area H.S. The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips
2Cole Nuss Stillwater Area H.S. Crashing Through by Robert Kurson
3Taymoi Epps Columbia Heights H.S. Miseducated by Brandon Fleming
1Sebastian Hartzell Mounds View H.S.
2Kazma Bright Fridley H.S.
3Chloe Larson Forest Lake H.S.