Section Speech Report - 4A
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Creative Expression
1Devin Everding Glencoe-Silver Lake H.S. Click
2Aidan Kolehmainen Maple Lake H.S. Ways of the Teacher's Kid
3Evjen Walters St. Croix Lutheran Academy Boast Hunter
1Sana Punjani Mounds Park Academy
2Kensi Binstadt Mounds Park Academy
3Jasmine Faue Rockford H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Anthony Carlson
Lillian Thomas
PACT Charter School Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North
2Garrett Hollihan
Lilly Gasterland-Gustafsson
Mounds Park Academy Peter/Wendy by Jeremy Bloom
3Alexandriana Davis
Liam Davis
St. Croix Preparatory Academy Jack Thornton: The Boy Who Breathed Fire by Jane Nicolaas
Extemporaneous Reading
1Charlotte Bergh Mounds Park Academy
2Avery DeWitt St. Croix Preparatory Academy
3Em Haas Rockford H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Salmah Elmasry Mounds Park Academy
2Grace Fritz Maple Lake H.S.
3Rohit Iyer Mounds Park Academy
Great Speeches
1Isak Dai Mounds Park Academy Jacinda Ardern's Christchurch Memorial Address by Jacinda Ardern
2Anna McClelland Maple Lake H.S. 1976 Keynote Address to the Democratic National Convention by Barbara Jordan
3IsaBella Fritz Watertown-Mayer H.S. It's The Great Society by Lyndon B. Johnson
Humorous Interpretation
1Ryan Ghose Mounds Park Academy Hocus Pocus by A.W. Jantha
2Hana Miller Mounds Park Academy Kill The Boy Band by Goldy Moldalvsky
3Rayna Bowen Rockford H.S. Ruthless! by Joel Paley
Informative Speaking
1Brooke Baumann Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted H.S. Attorney Murder Mysteries: An Exploration of Criminal Profiling
2Brynn Illies Watertown-Mayer H.S. Handwriting
3Malorie Thorson Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted H.S. It Ainít Easy Being Wheezy
Original Oratory
1Emma Cohen Mounds Park Academy A Second Chance?
2Nathan Dressel Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted H.S. The Troubling Spread of Disinformation
3Laura Hunt St. Croix Lutheran Academy The Keys of Chopin's Piano
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Madelyn Tax Watertown-Mayer H.S. I Knew A Boy by Alan Haehnel
2Merrik Giesen Belle Plaine H.S. Bright. Apple. Crush. by Steve Yockey
3Aidan Lindquist St. Croix Preparatory Academy Living In Color by Andrew Messer and Jake Nyberg
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Livia Wooldridge Mounds Park Academy The Roots of Violence: A program featuring Paper Dolls, Static, Mrs. Dahmer by Sierra Demulder
2Scout Lund Rockford H.S. Expressing My Feelings to My Future Husband-Wife (Or, Ritual in Which Gender), One Geography of Belonging, Portrait of My Gender as [Inaudible], If Youíre Staying, Iíll Stay Too, Changed by Kayleb R Candrelli, Meg Day, Naomi Shahob Nye
3Lucy Schwieger Mounds Park Academy The Body Responds: A program featuring Thighs, Dear Ana, and When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny by Desiree Dallagiacomo,Sierra Demulder, and Blythe Baird
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Anna Gaudio Mounds Park Academy Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
2Pahwa Yang Mounds Park Academy Dear Zoe by Phillip Beard
3Julia Hunt St. Croix Lutheran Academy Forgive and Forget by Bridget Grace Sheaff
1Olivia Bailey PACT Charter School
2Emily Lewis Maple Lake H.S.
3Alyssa Hadler Maple Lake H.S.