Section Speech Report - 3AA
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Creative Expression
1Brady Sternberg Eagan H.S. Northwoods Chit Chat: A Commentary on life in America
2Brody Owens Park H.S. The Spontaneous, Unwanted Narrator
3Jared Engh East Ridge H.S. Employee of the Week of the Year
1Grace Lyles Two Rivers H.S.
2Hiba Rahman Eagan H.S.
3Karen Miller Eagan H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Quinn Hendel
Scooter Stoik
Two Rivers H.S. Bent by Martin Sherman
2Joy Betters
Nitya Sannuli
Rosemount H.S. Next to Normal by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey
3DaShawn Mehl
Faith Chang
St. Paul Harding H.S. That's Not How I Remember It by Don Zolidis
Extemporaneous Reading
1Maddie Maack Eagan H.S.
2Lylah Roach South Saint Paul H.S.
3Grace Chamberlain Eagan H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Aayush Pandey Eagan H.S.
2Peter Klingberg Eagan H.S.
3Kate Westlake Woodbury H.S.
Great Speeches
1Thomas Larsen Two Rivers H.S. The Proclamation of the Irish Republic by Patrick Pearce
2Keira Waldrop Eagan H.S. Bile's Speech on Mental Health by Simon Biles
3Saanvi Seth Eagan H.S. The Understanding of AOC's Point of Privilege by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Humorous Interpretation
1Brody Breen Eagan H.S. Theater Camp by Noah Galvin
2Alexandra Fierst Eagan H.S. Death to Smoochy by Adam Reshick
3Solanite Ketema Rosemount H.S. Inside Out by Peter Doctor
Informative Speaking
1Yifan Zhai Woodbury H.S. Paint the Town Red
2Mason Hoekenga Eagan H.S. Let me Phil you in on Philanthropy
3Varshini Bomma Eagan H.S. Better be home by midnight...just in CASTE
Original Oratory
1Alex Huang Eagan H.S. Chink in the Armor
2Hadassah Owens Eagan H.S. Push In/Push Out
3Shreyan Jena Eagan H.S. Distrust in Institutions
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Sherry Muthiga Eagan H.S. Mahalia by Tom Stotz
2Bowie Keller-Gould Eagan H.S. Monster by Duncan MacMillan
3Maddy Staley Rosemount H.S. I Never Sang for my Father by Robert Anderson
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Olma Wakjira Eagan H.S. Nature by Various Authors
2Evelyn Adochio Rosemount H.S. Not Your Mortal Remedy by Various Authors
3Elise Congemi Rosemount H.S. Door Open, Lights On by Various Authors
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Lilah Bartels Eagan H.S. Walking with RJ by Stephanie Pierob
2Noa Brutinel Eagan H.S. The Past Wasn't Done With Me by Kemp Powers
3Shade Knapp Rosemount H.S. Pageboy by Elliot Page
1Jada Lapastora Eagan H.S.
2Olivia Molloy Eagan H.S.
3Sophia Soo East Ridge H.S.