Section Speech Report - 2A
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Creative Expression
1Seth Scarfpin Martin County West H.S. Captain's Log
2Duram Kelly Mankato Loyola H.S. An informative Soap Opera
3Lauren Wheeler Fairmont H.S. Fish Bowl Livin'
1Abbigail Kutz Maple River H.S.
2Sadie Blace Mankato Loyola H.S.
3Solveig Senf Fairmont H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Tabitha Thatcher
Isabell Geiger
Fairmont H.S. The Night Witches by Rachel Bublitz
2Kiri Kerekes
Paige Atherton
Waterville-Elysian-Morristown H.S. Flowers by Katherine Vaughan
3Nick Pleiss
Andy Muske
Minnesota Valley Lutheran I'm Just Digging a Hole in the Woods at 2 A.M. No Reason. Why do you Ask? by Bradley Walton
Extemporaneous Reading
1Emma Niebuhr Minnesota Valley Lutheran
2Molly Koester Mankato Loyola H.S.
3Noah Lippert Maple River H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Weston Loughmiller Fairmont H.S.
2Zach Groh Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton H.S.
3Irie Hansen St. Clair H.S.
Great Speeches
1Eleanor Hamlet Fairmont H.S. Responding to Landmines: A Modern Tragedy and Its Consequences by Diana Princess of Wales
2Alex Heuss Waterville-Elysian-Morristown H.S. A Time to Break Silence by Martin Luther King Jr.
3Ameya Komaragiri Fairmont H.S. The 2018 Commencement Address at the Columbia University School of Journalism by Ira Glass
Humorous Interpretation
1Collin Kirschner Mankato Loyola H.S. So You Want to Date a Superhero by Kevin Burgun
2Savannah Berg Minnesota New Country School Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
3Eric Daschner Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton H.S. The Secret Knowledge of Grown Ups by David Wisniewski
Informative Speaking
1Abby Moses Mankato Loyola H.S. Exploring Anxiety
2Sydney Blomster Fairmont H.S. Sign on the Dotted Line
3Lilly Laven Fairmont H.S. De-escalation: Defusing High Stress Situations
Original Oratory
1Addi Oliver Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton H.S. That Uncomfortable Feeling
2Sami Pollack Minnesota New Country School The Poison Embedded in Everyday Phrases
3Savannah Ruiz Maple River H.S. Hegemonic Masculinity
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Jocelyn Machtemes LeSueur-Henderson H.S. Casualties by Sandra Dempsey
2Rachael Fields Maple River H.S. Argos by Elizabeth McCutcheon
3Gracie Boerner Martin County West H.S. The Homecoming Queen by J.J. Jonas
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Presley Sue Borgmenn Minnesota New Country School My motherís Addendum; Mans/laughter; My Grandmother Asked Why I Donít Trust Men by Olivia Gatwood
2Rachelle Boelter LeSueur-Henderson H.S. Kait Rokowski, Akeemjamal Rollins, Meggie Royer by Kait Rokowski, Akeemjamal Rollins, Meggie Royer
3Abreeana Reasor LeSueur-Henderson H.S. To This Day by Shane Koyczan
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Alex Menne Minnesota New Country School Stolen Moments by Janet O'Neill
2Kaycie Brookens Fairmont H.S. Death in Slow Motion: A Memoir of a Daughter, Her Mother, and the Beast Called Alzheimer's by Eleanor Cooney
3Grace Freitag St. Clair H.S. Sickened by Julie Gregory
1Annika Wheeler Fairmont H.S.
2Grace Simpson Fairmont H.S.
3Bradley Budach Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton H.S.