Section Speech Report - 1AA
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Creative Expression
1Eleanor Sievers Rochester John Marshall Oh Brother
2Gianna Brewer Byron H.S. The Seventeenth Obituary
3Eli Utne Rochester Century H.S. How to Let It Go
1Elijah Leon Owatonna H.S.
2Aki Gupta Northfield H.S.
3Ayoub Farah Owatonna H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Justice Friedt
Tyler Pardeik
Rochester John Marshall Mr. Peabody and Sherman by Craig Wright
2Ava Kleeberger
Emma Green
Owatonna H.S. Drop Dead Gorgeous by Lona Williams
3Avery Hemann
Asher Hemann
Kasson-Mantorville H.S. Mary Choppins by Frank Joseph
Extemporaneous Reading
1Zia Raukar Rochester Mayo H.S.
2Maeva Djossou Rochester Mayo H.S.
3Alexa McCoy Rochester John Marshall
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Alice Yi Lakeville South H.S.
2Basmalla Hussein Rochester Century H.S.
3Aaron Ress Rochester John Marshall
Great Speeches
1Loi Shah Rochester Mayo H.S. Malone's Trial Speech by Dudley Field Malone
2Hannah Fox Red Wing H.S. Cross of Gold by William Jennings Bryan
3Iris Anderson Rochester John Marshall Gender Equality is your issue too by Emma Watson
Humorous Interpretation
1Nora Johnson Owatonna H.S. Sealed for Freshness by Doug Stone
2Reuel Borkenhagen Owatonna H.S. A Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy by Douglas Addams
3Vitaly Bauer Owatonna H.S. Jimmy vs. The Velvet Hammer by Jon McGovern
Informative Speaking
1Claire Nelson Rochester Mayo H.S. In My Cult Era
2Alicia Do Rochester Mayo H.S. Power of Persuasion
3Nawras Zaki Austin H.S. The Overdue Story of Libraries
Original Oratory
1Jorja Wodziak Rochester Mayo H.S. Mean Girls...More Like Mean Coaches
2Elizabeth Beyder Rochester Mayo H.S. Importance of Language Education
3Marjorie Tweedy Rochester Mayo H.S. Stigma of Divorce
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1James Price Rochester John Marshall Coyote Killer by Matt Buchanan
2Kcin Siegele Kasson-Mantorville H.S. Dylan by Sidney Michaels
3Hanna Herfindahl-Quint Kasson-Mantorville H.S. On the Exhale by Martin Zimmerman
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Hawweraa Negassa Rochester John Marshall The Greatest Sacrifice Given by Debbie Alamrew, et al.
2Breannah Neher Kasson-Mantorville H.S. The Period Poem by Dominique Christina, et al.
3Emory Tift Red Wing H.S. I Live Loudly by Chloe Mitchell, et al.
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Shea Morrey Rochester Mayo H.S. Hold Still by Nina Lacour
2Calista Seiler Owatonna H.S. Through a Window by Angela Johnson
3Avery Hemminger Byron H.S.
1Alex Zoghby Rochester Mayo H.S.
2Bhavya Yerriboyina Rochester John Marshall
3Noa Marohl Northfield H.S.