Section Speech Report - 1A
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Creative Expression
1Kaylee Arndt Fillmore Central H.S. The Tale too Terrible for a Title
2Elizabeth Schieffelbein Chatfield H.S. Happily Ever After and Other Fairy Tale Falsehoods
3Meagan Pedersen Cannon Falls H.S. High-Functioning Flirting
1Teagan Strecker Cannon Falls H.S.
2Jase Vafaei Cotter H.S.
3Richard Sylak Zumbrota-Mazeppa H.S.
Duo Interpretation
1Peyton Ellis
Sydney Ellis
Chatfield H.S. Sealed for Freshness by Doug Stone
2Haylee Gunderson
Sebastian Rappe
Randolph H.S. That's Not How I Remember It by Don Zolidis
3Cecelia Galke
Jonah Heckman
Cotter H.S. Friends for Life by Gregory T Burns
Extemporaneous Reading
1Aizlynn Thim Cannon Falls H.S.
2Meghan Kosmala Stewartville H.S.
3Grace Miller Cannon Falls H.S.
Extemporaneous Speaking
1Hailey Biesanz Cotter H.S.
2Lydia Pedersen Cannon Falls H.S.
3Maddie Lemmer Cotter H.S.
Great Speeches
1Aubrey Williams Cotter H.S. Lyndon B. Johnsonís Speech to the Nation on Civil Disorders and Barack Obamaís Speech on George Floyd Death and Protests by Lyndon B. Johnson and Barack Obama
2Angel Zheng Cannon Falls H.S. Dear Class of 2020 Speech by Michelle Obama
3Connor Loeschke Cannon Falls H.S. Lyceum Address by Abraham Lincoln
Humorous Interpretation
1Emma Watson Cannon Falls H.S. Lil Greasy Tator Queen by Clint Snyder
2Rebecca Copeman Chatfield H.S. Nora Wants a Baby by Forrest Musselman
3Kressin Hartl Cannon Falls H.S. Miss Beth by Don Zolidis
Informative Speaking
1Grace Miller Cotter H.S. Too Tired to Decide
2Bianca Caputo Cannon Falls H.S. Putting the Fun in Funeral
3Matthew Giese Cannon Falls H.S. Environmental Ice Cream
Original Oratory
1Sophia Culuris Kenyon-Wanamingo H.S. Brick Walls
2Kyra Arndt Fillmore Central H.S. Procrastination
3Eve Grabau Fillmore Central H.S. Mental Health Stigmas
Serious Interpretation - Drama
1Hannah Graff Cotter H.S. My All Time Favorites by Frank Smith
2Kendall Lawless Cannon Falls H.S. Guilt by Krystle Henninger
3Catherine Williamson Pine Island H.S. Amanda by DonnaMarie Vaughan
Serious Interpretation - Poetry
1Conor Salmonson Cannon Falls H.S. Heterophobia: A Poetry Program by Ragan Fox, Jess Howard, Blythe Baird, June Jordan
2Nicholas Fryer Chatfield H.S. American Ideals by Tato Laviera, Tino Villanueva, Da Boogie Man
3Melanie Winzenburg Blooming Prairie H.S. When the Towers Fell by Galway Kinnell
Serious Interpretation - Prose
1Yuexi (Lexi) Licheng Cotter H.S. Instant Ramen by Kelly Tran
2Olivia Moore Cotter H.S. From Louder than Words - Marni by Marni Bates
3Jessica Baszuro Cannon Falls H.S. Almost Home by Christine Gleason
1Zenessa Anderson Rushford-Peterson H.S.
2Aletta Strande Chatfield H.S.
3Nicholas Long Chatfield H.S.