2019 State Speech Competitors:      Year:      Class: Event:
State Finish Competitor School/Team Section Selection
1 Jonah Johnson Staples Motley H.S. 6A The Amazing Misadventures of Herburt and His Tall Tales
2 Jake Pundsack Melrose Area H.S. 5A Kindergarten Just Got A Little More Real
3 Kassidy Parks Jordan H.S. 4A The Neptune Society
4 Ethan Gilbertson Staples Motley H.S. 6A Alone at Home
5 Olivia McNair Perham H.S. 6A Outfits
6 Sam Peters Minnewaska Area H.S. 5A Lady Margaery and the Funny Green Man from Space
7 Eric Head Fairmont H.S. 2A Fortune Rookie
8 Luci Bransel Morris Area School 5A Look At That

Ethan Humble Stewartville H.S. 1A Cohesively Instrumental
Jeff Zimmerman Cannon Falls H.S. 1A Pip and the Journey of the Pizza
Lindsey Niehaus Cannon Falls H.S. 1A Goodbye Ocean
Aviana Swanson Waterville-Elysian-Morristown H.S. 2A Dreams Suck
Mikinley Prafke St. Peter H.S. 2A Why Me?
Aurora Wymar Montevideo H.S. 3A Raised as a Genius
Colton Jensen River Valley 3A Which State of the Union
Matthew Dulas Pipestone Area H.S. 3A Angels, Devils, and Bootleggers
Jack Hulet Jordan H.S. 4A The True Adventures of A Bedwetter (Based Off of No Real Life Events Whatsoever)
Kendra Klobe Glencoe-Silver Lake H.S. 4A The Devil Made Me Do It
Barbara Coward Chisholm H.S. 7A Escape
Veronica Lessard Rock Ridge H.S. 7A Don't Be That Subway!
Elsie Berg Mesabi East H.S. 7A Music Touches Me
Gabe Almlie East Grand Forks H.S. 8A World Warranty 2
Jody Bloom Blackduck H.S. 8A Sensient Being
Katelyn DeLost Walker-Hackensack-Akeley H.S. 8A Escape Tapes