2018 State Speech Competitors:      Year:      Class: Event:
State Finish Competitor School/Team Section Selection
1 Chad Fleischhacker Rush City H.S. 7A Scared Straight
2 Eric Head Fairmont H.S. 2A A Bit Pitchy
3 Spencer Quast Redwood Valley H.S. 3A Dramatic Dreams and Self Esteems
4 Lexi Fischer Fairmont H.S. 2A Armadillo Day
5 Olivia McNair Perham H.S. 6A Me Too
6 August Johnson-Ding New York Mills H.S. 6A Hatman Actually Saves the Day
7 Maria Jennissen Sauk Centre H.S. 5A The Germophobe
8 Ross VanDer Wal River Valley 3A Blink of an Eye

Jeff Zimmerman Cannon Falls H.S. 1A Like Galactic Ruler, Like Son
James Watson Cannon Falls H.S. 1A The Disease that Held No Cure
Lauren Mueller Chatfield H.S. 1A Let's Go Hunting for Ghosties
Clint Peterson Blooming Prairie H.S. 2A Choice
Cecilia Rabaey Minneota H.S. 3A From A Distance
Kelly Myers Mounds Park Academy 4A Hermioknee Granger And The Sorcerer's Kidney Stones...J.K., Voldewarts
Kassidy Parks Jordan H.S. 4A The Definition Of Okay
Muna Aden Mounds Park Academy 4A Pennywise The Dancing Mayor
Sam Peters Minnewaska Area H.S. 5A Suspend Your Disbelief
Jada Jesberg Eden Valley-Watkins H.S. 5A The Flu Fighters
Nessa Lind Pillager H.S. 6A Sometimes, I Am
Bryanna Baugh Aitkin H.S. 7A Rockfish
Blaise Lah Ely H.S. 7A My Roommate is Satan
Brenner Riveland Fosston/Bagley 8A The Reflecting God
Rachael Kuhlman Walker-Hackensack-Akeley H.S. 8A My Mother Always Told Me
Savannah Marsh Blackduck H.S. 8A The Malevolent