2013 State Speech Competitors:      Year:      Class: Event:
State Finish Competitor School/Team Section Selection
1 Brian Howey Perham H.S. 6A Sky Fail
2 Anna Nelson Roseau H.S. 8A The Very First Speech Meet
3 Nate Pace East Grand Forks H.S. 8A Nerd Prom
4 Tanner Petroske St. Cloud Cathedral H.S. 5A News to Me
5 Zach Brown Fairmont H.S. 2A The Vote that Counts
6 Shailagh Lannon Mounds Park Academy 4A The Field of Education
7 Kalani Steinmetz Fulda H.S. 3A Check Out That Spy
8 Collin Stumpf Minnewaska Area H.S. 6A Therapy Sessions for the Evil

Kaitlyn Claeys Stewartville H.S. 1A Leave Me Alone; I'm a Supervillain
Cole Gardner Cannon Falls H.S. 1A Trippin' Out on Trix
Mariah Olson Rushford-Peterson H.S. 1A I'll Always Know Where You Are
Annie Nawrocki Mankato Loyola H.S. 2A SpiderAnn
Annabelle Stickland Medford H.S. 2A The Friendzone
Cheyenne Hill Murray County Central H.S. 3A Baby Doll
Zoe Roelfsema-Hummel Pipestone Area H.S. 3A 1,000 Ways to Die in High School
Derrick Scheeler Christ's Household of Faith 4A Gone Squatchin
Sarah Osborne Jordan H.S. 4A Dating…and Other Extreme Sports
Carmen Ebel St. Cloud Cathedral H.S. 5A Ticked Off
Camen Miles Kimball Area H.S. 5A #WhitePeopleProblems
Kali Klimek Staples Motley H.S. 6A The Class from Hell
Ann Collman Cromwell-Wright H.S. 7A Hand in Hand
Rachel Berg Mesabi East H.S. 7A Too Scary
Steve Tedman Mesabi East H.S. 7A Equality
Jemma Provance Roseau H.S. 8A Book Life